It has now been eight full months since I am trying to build stuff. A humbling and an amazing experience with an extreme learning curve. It shows, because I am now able to smart-ass more than 10 months ago. I have previously explained how and why Finitary got paused.
lightweight collection of excellent and timeless recipes to inspire you what to cook next!
When the time comes, be ruthless and move on. Do not pursue romantic dreams on a dead horse.
I invite you to have a look at my solution (5-10 minutes). If the deck moves something in you, I will be happy to hear from you - I am also looking forโ€ฆ
Do people smile at you or look the other way?
We were fast. It is so easy to waste your time. Don't!
What have I been reading? I think you could be interested too!
Probably! In defence of writing memos.
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