Let’s do it in a different way.

”Ok, so, what is this?”

EightyFour is an open-ended exploration of ideas in non-fiction books, business and life. It is a vehicle for me to regularly write and move towards writing more short stories.

“But why should I read it?”

Great question. I do not have famous bloggers linking to me yet or their blurbs, so you will just have to trust me and the likes of my readers. I can promise to keep it fun and thought-provoking. I read and get influenced by Noah Smith, Byrne Hobart, Erik Hoel, Liberty, Tyler Cowen, sometimes Scott Alexander & Zvi, Economist & Guardian, non-fiction books, bunch of other newsletters and Twitter.

“How often do you publish?”

Subscribers receive my email bi-weekly. It is free. You can always unsubscribe. In general, topics include summaries of non-fiction books, questions about why life happens the ways it does, occasional take on corporate/startup things and hopefully more short-short stories in the future (in the style of Lydia Davis).

“Nice try, but not convinced yet. Anything to show?”

Sure. Four examples of my writing:

“Ok. And who are you?”

I am Igor. I am interested and curious; you can imagine it is hard for me to find a niche or focus on two or three topics only. I write to improve my thinking and to inspire you.

I guess I’ve always had problems with niches; I did different things. It started with organising alternative concerts and events, having an online news site at the advent of web 2.0, finishing political science degree, working on EU-funded projects, moving to Berlin for an MBA, somehow ending up at a big German corporation (Mercedes-Benz), taking an active sabbatical and trying to start my business. I am currently back in Berlin, working for a scale-up (wefox).

I also have a library of excellent recipes and another Substack dedicated to handpicked jobs from Berlin.

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An open-ended exploration of ideas in non-fiction books, business and life.


I like to write, read and cook. I run Handpicked Berlin.