Interesting post, and a confronting list of questions. However... let me begin what annoyed me most in the country I am from (but now not live anymore, which has nothing to do with corona). We, like many other EU countries, have a state vaccination programme. A few years ago, there was a measels outbreak. A measels vaccination was part of the state programme. It were mostly migrants from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea that were now being infected and spreading. Many people were calling for schools to have a measels vaccination as a prerequisite for children to go to school. Many of these same people then calling for a vaccination, are now against it. That annoys me deeply. But it also shows me there is something else altogether that drives this. I think it's more a lack of trust for the government, amplified by the echo-chamber effect of social media and school yards in rural towns. Wait, no, school yards, period. We all know that in "The West" people live, and especially send their children to school, in mono-cultural clusters, even in cities. A list of opposing questions might not be the thing that bridged the gap between the (un)vaccinated. Maybe we should reduce it to one question for both sides: what worries you most?

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May 7, 2022Liked by Igor Ranc

Everyone has its own answers to the questions you mention in the post…. It is probably hard to say what really needs to be done!

Went to China before vacation in Germany was available for everyone, got vaccinated then in China… need to do a buster shot still - so my own opinion is obviously „pro“

And I strongly believe that a vaccination helps - if you are able to get it! If not - everyone else shall get it!

„Vaccination is only another business!“ - maybe… but I still believe in humanity.

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