Episode 4: Season finale

Is Finitary a painkiller or a vitamin?

Imagine you have a terrible chronic back pain. It has been going on for years. And then I ring the door and say I have a solution. I do a magic trick and your pain disappears for a month. How much are you prepared to pay for it?

Probably a lot.

Now imagine I sell a food supplement, maybe some concentrated vitamin, with a promise to improve your life. How much are you prepared to pay for it?

Not as much. (Probably even nothing)

Each product is generally speaking either a painkiller or a vitamin. Pizza kills the pain of hunger. Social media is a free vitamin with some bad side effects. A car is a painkiller in Slovenia, but maybe not as much in a big German city. Excel and Powerpoint run the economy. And so on and so forth.

The question is then: what is Finitary?

There are no shortcuts. After all the ups and downs, left and right turns in the last four months, it feels like I ended up at the beginning; re-validating my idea again. Is managing your finance painful to you? Maybe only parts of it? How do you decide what to do?

I invite you to have a look at my solution (5-10 minutes). If the deck moves something in you, I will be happy to hear from you - I am also looking for early adopters!

Thanks a lot for reading and your time!

Thanks to Patrik, Alex, Jonathan, Stephan, Victor, Robert, Tine & Lea for feedback to the final deck.