Top 10 newsletters in the last 6 months

What have I been reading?

In my last post about Powerpoint I added a short survey and received some great comments. One was about getting more to the point, ok? Ok. I also loved this one:

"Like the message! I read only major part and scrolled down a lot - did I really get the message?"

Please keep them coming!

My own writing made me think afterwards. Who on earth is interested in PowerPoints as decision making tools? If anyone, probably only people who work in large companies AND do PowerPoints? These are rare and probably like it anyhow, because if they do not they will do anything to avoid it. For the rest: boooring.

And writing an odd article about PPTs is a generalists curse; interested in everything and being an expert in nothing. You will never know what you get, but I promise I will try to make it interesting. Would be great if you subscribe:

I read a lot lately; newsletters are the new blogs and last year I subscribed to a bunch. Hard to say how many, but I only keep the really good ones, and my 01_Newsletters folder is at almost 300 emails since beginning of December. This is creator economy at its best: it is easy to start and some of the best writers also turned into successful one-man publishing companies (Stratechery is a great example).

Today I am all to the point with this list of 10 newsletters which I never skip. Some are partially paywalled, but they still send out free letters on weekly basis. Twitter handles included.

Closer to general topics:

  • @TheBrowser is a curated newsletter. I like variety of articles/links they come up with. Seriously thinking about subscribing, but this then means 5 good stories per day! Imagine all the reading to do if only 2 are great.

  • @PaulSkallas with The Lindy Newsletter is all about things that are Lindy; things that withstand the test of time. I like majority of his ideas, for example about 4-Hour-Life and the beauty of Fractal Architecture. I wonder how much of his writing will be Lindy.

  • @seligerj (Jake Seliger) is a writer with a more old-school blog, The Story's Story. I subscribed to his email updates and always check out his great collection of links because he always wraps them in a sentence or two.

  • @noahpinion (Noah Smith) is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist with his own Substack. He really has a flow and goes deep into the topics, so I sometimes skim. What I like the most is that he often triggers my thinking in a completely new way. Partially paywalled.

  • @Byrne Hobart from The Diff writes about technology and finance. Byrne is well read and you can easily read he is a professional with several years of experience. He will introduce different topics in such a way that you will want to learn more or at least feel how does this guy know all this? Mostly paywalled.

  • @Alex_Danco also migrated to Substack. Danco is one of those who surprise me the most. Like writing about the Pirate Problem or the Michael Scott Theory of Social Class. Fresh ideas to think about.

Closer to investing:

  • @EpsilonTheory (Ben Hunt) and his Epsilon Theory is one of the best there is. I like their no BS analysis and especially Ben's writing style. Since I follow them, they made a couple of good calls with great analysis. For example that there will be no Tokyo olympics in 2020 when everyone (+1) was still thinking Covid is nothing that big. Paywalled, 2 articles free per month.

  • @packyM (Packy McCormick) is not boring and writes Not Boring. His emails are long, but that is what I like: he digs in different companies and business models. I like his humor and learned a lot together with him. He does sponsored articles and you can read about how he got over 40.000 subscribers in a year.

  • @EddyElfenbein has a simple and straightforward idea, buy quality companies and hold. He maintains a list of 25 stocks and sends weekly commentary on market development. In the time of this writing he decided to go behind a paywall.

  • @NeckarValue writes Neckar's Notes about interesting investors and likes to read old(er) articles. I enjoy his writing style, and also his occasional personal updates. He also does curated content.

If you have any newsletter suggestions, send them my way! Would be great to know that I am missing something great!

Thanks for reading. I would be happy if you share it with someone who would find it interesting. You can also follow me on Twitter. Help me with some feedback as well 🙇🏻