🎉 lindyrecipe is up and running

lightweight collection of excellent and timeless recipes to inspire you what to cook next!

Imagine this conversation, which never took place, take place:

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a database where you could find delicious things to cook from different books, chefs or websites?


Wouldn't it be cool if you pressed a a button and it would generate three ideas for you, so you do not need to ask "what should I cook tomorrow" like your mama always did?


Wouldn't it be cool if this database was extremely fast and without ads? On mobile too? And had a great search?


Wouldn't it be cool if you had sourced and condensed information available, so you could smartass (if you wanted) that it is fine to wash your mushrooms just before using? Or season your meat before, but not your burger patty?


Wouldn't publishing other recipes with ingredients and method violate all possible copyright regulation?

Yes, totally! So what do we do?

Build it with links, retardo!

So I built it. I bought the domain in late May, bounced the idea with some people, and then did some over-engineering with Supabase, PostgreSQL and hugo. Two weeks ago I settled for Wordpress and good ol' excel and started to push and google like a horse. I can now style buttons in CSS.

But… why?

Cooking is my hobby since I bought my first cooking book in 2013 on a recommendation of my cousin. I wasn't particularly motivated at the beginning. But then I cooked and cooked and am now at the stage of opening a restaurant. Just kidding, never ever. I think I cook well, but there are still many things to learn.

In all these years I cooked for and with many different people and there is probably nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal you prepared yourself. Ok, I admit, there are better things, but still.

Recently I started to write down recipes I tried in a notebook, but then figured: shit, what if I ever wanted access this while chasing a better downward facing dog in Goa. Or while learning Spanish in Costa Rica. Or while protecting the sharks in South Africa. Or what if you asked me to send some to you? Paper is great, but digital is better.

So I started to digitise my notebook and since I want to learn new things, I built a website. Now everyone has access. For fame and glory! For motivation to continue trying new things! For you! And for us.

I am inviting you to have a look, click around and explore. I had okish photos for 59 recipes and there are many more to come. I just need to re-cook the ones without a photo. At least I know what I will be cooking in the coming months! Raise your hand and say something funny if you want to come.

And as always, let me know what you think? Thanks for reading. 👌

Onwards to Lindyrecipe